Building business through referrals is a natural, if you have the right focus.

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Apr 30 2015
La Maquette Restaurant
Bond Consulting Group is an...
May 07 2015
La Maquette Restaurant
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May 14 2015
La Maquette Restaurant
Barry Greenberg has a Bachelor of Commerce...

Build Your Business.

At BNI Business Edge, we've got a stellar collection of business minds in the room. Every week we share success stories, tips and techniques. And with a similar B2B business base, you'll be amazed how many great ways there are to grow your business.

One of these business minds is the weekly featured speaker - getting in depth about specific business expertise to benefit you and your clients. Think of us as your own personal business think tank - BNI Business Edge. 

Build Your Network.

If you live in a B2B world, then as much as 95% of your business is referral based. BNI Business Edge gives you the tools and the connections to build referral based business far beyond your current circle. 

Every BNI Business Edge member becomes part of your personal sales force. And because we're all in the B2B world, we share the same type of client base. That makes referrals a natural extension of our everyday client contact. 

Develop Your Pitch.

Communication of your business advantage becomes second nature at BNI Business Edge. We work at being able to quickly get to the heart of the matter:

* Who we are
* What we do
* How we are differentiated
* Who is a good referral for us.

Everyone at BNI Business Edge can do this in 45 seconds or less. Can you? Join us, and we'll show you how.


Start Building Your Business Start Building Your Network Start Developing Your Pitch


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